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Ebooks With Resell Rights  v.1.0

Protect you Ebooks with Resell Rights. Create password protected trial versions using Simple Shareware Creator in a few easy steps.

DVD Resell Rights  v.1.0

BudgetMate is an easy to use PPC campaign budgeting tool. Distribution rights for this great software are included when you purchase our Google AdWords DVD resell

Fathers Rights  v.1.0

Fathers Rights toolbar for Internet Explorer. Fathers rights is on the move. More deserving fathers are putting an end to child support and an end to their Ex's little gravy train. Reveals new advances in Fathers rights and how to stop Child Support

Active Directory Rights Management Services Bulk Protection Tool  v.1.0

Active Directory Rights Management Services Bulk Protection Tool 1.0 offers you a helpful command-line tool for bulk decrypting AD RMS protected files or bulk encrypting multiple files to a rights policy template.Requirements: Supported Operating

Homebrew Low-Rights IE  v.1

Homebrew Low-Rights IE 1 is a beneficial and easy-to-use application which incorporates a new technology dubbed Low-Rights IE to prevent software from being installed.Low-Rights IE is designed to remove Administrator privileges from Internet Explorer

Greenhouse Development Rights Calculator  v.b.0.0.1

This project implements calculations for the Greenhouse Development Rights climate protection framework, which supports an emergency climate stabilization program while preserving the right of all people to a global middle class level of

Martus (TM) Human Rights Bulletin System  v.rc

The Martus (TM) Bulletin System is used by human rights and social justice groups to track violations. This Java program is as easy to use as email. Bulletins can be encrypted or searched, and can be backed up to a remote server. See

Benetech Human Rights Program Util Lib  v.

Benetech Human Rights Program Utility Library: Collection of utilities used by the Benetech Human Rights programming for processing human rights data in preparation for statistical analysis. Library handles DSV files, name canonicalization, binarray, et

Fair Rights Management  v.1.0

FRM - Fair Rights Management is an idea of designing a DRM that uses a social network module to provide access control and allows to share once bought products with friends. It will help to bring back fair use doctrine to the digital world.

Resell Rights Software  v.1.1

Find the best Internet Marketing software to ease your task, while you are at it listen to the radio, or check the Weather. Fantastic reseaerch tool! Way beyond popups - page peel or floating buttons, auto register with search engines, automate email

Ad Tracking Pro free download  v.1.98

Free Download Ad Tracking Pro.Ad Tracker Will Save You Massive Amounts Of Profit and Time, Increase Sales and Ad Responses, And Grow Your Business For You Exponentially.FULL MASTER RESELL AND RE-BRAND RIGHTS INCLUDED.

Polsedit  v.

Polsedit is a utility to modify user policies such as user account rights and user privileges on a local or remote system.

CHM OwnerGuard  v.12.0.3

CHM OwnerGuard is the ultimate Digital Rights Managemet (DRM), Security, Copy Protection, Licensing, Watermarking and Distribution Management solution for Microsoft Compiled HTML Help Documents (CHM)

Simon's Ebook Store  v.1.0

Simon's Ebook Store for Internet Explorer, Find Top Selling downloadable online and marketing resources with resale rights, master resale rights. Easily reach all the top selling niche ebooks like softwares,videos,scripts all oganised in one

PDF OwnerGuard  v.7.6.0

OwnerGuard is a new technology in digital rights management and data protection systems which is designed specially for file distribution and licensing over internet and local networks. PDF OwnerGuard is the first member of OwnerGuard family that

Flash OwnerGuard  v.12.5.4

Flash OwnerGuard is the ultimate Digital Rights Management (DRM), Security, Copy Protection, Licensing and Distribution Management solution for Adobe Flash SWF and FLV Video Files a wide range of other Multimedia Files.

Encrypted RunAs  v.1.1 Build 14

Encrypted RunAs is a small tool that is created to make the job of Administrators a little easier, it can be used to run applications or software installations with access rights a standard user does not have. Why Encrypted RunAs? When you

Office Security OwnerGuard  v.11.5.2

Office OwnerGuard is the ultimate Security, Digital Rights Management (DRM), Copy Protection, Licensing, Watermarking and Distribution Management solution for Excel, Word, PowerPoint Documents ( xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pps, pptx ) This product is

XWiki Enterprise  v.2.7.1

XWiki Enterprise is a professional wiki with enterprise features such as Blog, strong rights management, LDAP authentication, PDF export, full skining and more.

SuRun  v.

Surun is a free software with freely available source code that make working with limited rights under Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 and Vista makes it easier.

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